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Common Myths About Porn, Debunked by a Porn Performer

"I love having fun on set. Can you imagine having sex in a way you really enjoy, with your full consent, and not responding like it’s positive? Also, you can’t fake a squirting orgasm."


This Sex Worker Wrote a Netflix Horror Movie Stephen King Loves

“If people want to support sex workers, pay for their content," screenwriter and former cam girl Isa Mazzei tells Broadly. She's brought that message to 'CAM', starring Madeleine Brewer of 'The Handmaid's Tale.'


Waka Flocka Flame Explains How He Found Peace Through Rap

Tune into episode 161 this Sunday at 11 AM EST/8AM PST and 11 PM EST/8 PM PST when The Outfit, TX and Cam Girl join Noisey Radio on Beats 1.


I Was One of the Most Famous People Online in 1998—Then I Disappeared

Known as "anacam," seven million people a day watched me livestream my life around the clock. Looking back now, I have a new understanding of why I did it.


I Was Tricked into Becoming a Cam Girl at 18

It all started with a mysterious MSN message asking me if I'd like to be a model.


Being a Cam Girl Taught Me About How Men Think

Adult performer Reed Amber says she learned sexual confidence by working in porn—but got a crash-course in human psychology by webcamming.


What It Takes to Be a Professional Cam Girl

Karley Sciortino meets with a handful of women who cam for a living on 'SLUTEVER.'


China Just Banned Women from 'Erotically' Eating Bananas on Camera

The People's Republic of China has now pressured Chinese streaming services into banning the act of eating bananas "in an erotic manner."


What It's Like to Be the First VR Cam Girl

Performer and developer Ela Darling tells us about the complications of filming for 3D virtual reality.


Why on Earth Did This Woman Inject Dog Pee into Her Breasts?

This video of a woman giving herself DIY dog-pee injections is probably the most disturbing, unexplainable thing on the internet.


FaceTime Girls Are the New Webcam Girls

To an increasing number of men with erections and enough data allocation left on their monthly plans, Apple’s pocket Skype is yet another masturbatory aid to add to the arsenal—a new platform for people to talk to girls they’ve met on the internet and...