Cambridge Analytica


Instagram Launches Bug Bounty for Apps that Steal User Data

On Wednesday, Facebook expanded beyond its bounties for third party apps stealing user data to also apply to Instagram.


Facebook Just Paid a $5 Billion Fine for Privacy Breaches. Now it Wants Access to Your Brain.

Facebook is building a headset that can monitor, read and translate your brainwaves and allow users to type just by thinking.


Netflix's 'The Great Hack' Misses The Big Picture

The real ‘hack’ isn’t Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, or the 2016 election. It’s the system that made our data tragedies inevitable.


Facebook Misled Journalists About How Bad the Cambridge Analytica Scandal Was

Misleading the press was part of Facebook's coverup of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to the SEC.


Senators Want to Put a Price Tag on Your Data to Protect You Against Big Tech

The proposed bill would give users a peek under the hood. And tech critics say that could be a crucial step toward holding Silicon Valley giants accountable.


Facebook Quietly Changes Search Tool Used by Investigators, Abused By Companies

Facebook’s Graph Search allowed anyone to search a wealth of public data on Facebook in very specific ways, such as searching content for keywords in a particular point in time.


Facebook Broke Canadian Privacy Law, Federal Watchdog Finds

“They told us outright they do not agree with our legal findings,” Canada's privacy commissioner said of Facebook.


Facebook apparently forgot it was collecting new users’ email contacts

For three years, 1.5 million new users had their contacts uploaded to Facebook’s servers without their knowledge or consent.


Senators Introduce Bill That Would Ban Websites From Using Manipulative Consent Forms

Platforms have a problem with informed consent. A new Senate bill might change that.


A lawsuit over Facebook emails could prove Zuckerberg knew about Cambridge Analytica earlier than he claimed

U.S. authorities are finally stepping up their probes into the social network.


British lawmakers just called Facebook "digital gangsters"

"Even if Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t believe he is accountable to the U.K. Parliament, he is to the billions of Facebook users across the world.”


Facebook is about to be hit with a massive fine. It probably won't change anything.

“A fine almost certainly would not be enough to change Facebook’s behavior — we’re past that.”