We Asked Some Goths What They Think of Taylor Swift Going Goth

"I literally despise her and want her to disappear off the face of the Earth."


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This ‘Fat Gay Vegan’ Took Me on a Meat-Free Food Crawl

I joined Sean O’Callaghan, the man behind the popular Fat Gay Vegan blog, for a tour of London’s best vegan food spots. “If you live vegan, it is not a joyless existence where you’re never gonna have fun,” he says. “You can eat hamburgers.”


Heavy Metal: Water Contaminated by Lead Is Poisoning Kids Across New Jersey

Lead is the material through which America's yawning economic inequities do their damage — and, in the Garden State, lead contamination remains a persistent problem.


Meet the London Chef Serving Cambodian Dishes That Escaped a Genocide

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Why Cybergoth Refuses to Die

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Utopia is a multi-sensory installation at the Roundhouse in London that allows you to experience the various lives being lived in one of the world's biggest cities.


The Martyrdom of Saint Amy Winehouse

Like Medieval martyrs before her, Amy fell to a fate that was only inevitable because we willed it so.


The Problems with the New Amy Winehouse Documentary

Asif Kapadia's Amy is a brilliant reminder of why we fell in love with pop music's greatest recent jazz singer. But it tells a skewed story of the 27-year-old's death.