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That GOP Candidate's 'Deportation Bus' Broke Down on the Side of the Highway

And the campaign for the Georgia gubernatorial hopeful weirdly blamed Antifa.
Drew Schwartz
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This Republican Candidate Wants to Put Immigrants on a 'Deportation Bus'

One Trump fan running for governor of Georgia is standing out in the worst way possible.
Drew Schwartz
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Alabama Senate Favorite Brought Out a Tiny Gun During His Rally

Just the latest bizarre development in the state's primary runoff for Jeff Sessions's vacated Senate seat.
Drew Schwartz
Noisey News

Fans Urge Chance the Rapper to Run for Mayor of Chicago lays out a compelling case for Chance's candidacy. So, take a deep breath now.
Alex Robert Ross
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Hillary Clinton Leads the Popular Vote by 2.5 Million

Her lead is now five times the one Al Gore held over George W. Bush in 2000.
Jo Rosenthal
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Ty Dolla Sign Smokes, Dabs Near Swiss Castles in His "$" Video

Let this video be the inspiration for your ultimate life.
Phil Witmer
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Future and Ty Dolla $ign Run Their Own "Campaign"

On Election Day the two dance around the American flag in a new video.
Noisey Staff

Stalking Donald Trump | Art Histories

This is an extreme version of art predicting life.
The Creators Project

The Agony of the Campaign Won't End on Election Day

After Election Day, the partisan battle won't be over, it'll just be getting started.
Harry Cheadle
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Ty Dolla $ign Beg for Forgiveness in His New Video for “Stealing”

If breaking hearts was a crime, he'd do double time.
Alex Robert Ross

Scientists Invented a Tool to Expose 4chan’s Racist Trolling Campaigns

When blocking hate speech, we should look at the source, not the words.
Jordan Pearson
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New York Ordered Trump's Charity Foundation to Stop Raising Cash

The Empire State attorney general's office has serious beef with the Donald J. Trump Foundation.
VICE Staff