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Big Money Will Dominate the 2018 Midterm Elections, But It Doesn't Have to

Big money has corrupted our democracy, but campaign finance reform legislation at both the local and federal level can protect the interests of American citizens.


Being Rich Is the Easiest Way to Get Elected

Running for office in the US requires an aggressive grassroots fundraising operation. Or you could just give your campaign $20 million from your pocket.


Zephyr Teachout's Quest to Become the Left's Newest Crusading Congresswoman

Zephyr Teachout wants to get the money out of politics, but first she has to overcome the money being spent to keep her out of Congress.


Dozens of Senior Citizens Were Arrested at ‘Democracy Spring’ DC Protests

On the second day of a weeklong series of protests in favor of campaign finance reform, it was the "elders" taking their turn getting arrested.


Why Is Lawrence Lessig Missing From Tonight’s CNN Debate?

The iconoclastic law professor believes Democratic honchos are trying to silence him.


Brazil's Top Court Outlaws Corporate Contributions to Political Campaigns

Although touted by good governance advocates as vital to the fight against graft and malfeasance, others believe the ruling in Brazil will simply force campaign cash under the table.


Deranged Former Congressman Michael Grimm Is Going to Prison for Eight Months

The guy who threatened to break a reporter in half "like a boy" at the US Capitol is on his way to prison.


This Mailman Just Flew a Gyrocopter to the US Capitol to Save America

Doug Hughes says he would rather die than "see this country fail." So naturally, he flew a small aircraft to Washington, DC.


Your Guide to the Koch Brothers

How America's favorite dark money billionaires came to control the nation's political future.


The New Hampshire Voters Marching in the Freezing Cold to Get Money Out of Politics

Big Money was the real winner in this month's midterm elections. But a group of New Hampshire voters want you to know it doesn't have to be this way.


Jim Rubens and the Republican Crusade for Campaign Finance Reform

New Hampshire's dark horse Republican Senate candidate is turning right-wing populism into a crusade for campaign finance reform.


Scott Walker Is a Hero

Prosecutors have accused the Wisconsin governor of running a "criminal scheme" to avoid campaign finance regulations. But really, he was just staking out the next frontier in big-money politics.