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Cynthia Nixon's Campaign Shaken by Terrible-Sounding Bagel Order

She had a good run.
Hannah Keyser
election 2016

A Look Back at All the Weird Shit Our Candidates Ate on the Campaign Trail This Year

When we look back at the election season, we’ll have more to think about than the political machinations that landed us our 45th President. We’ll also have the Trump Taco Bowl and that time Hillary Clinton called boba “chewy tea.”
Wyatt Marshall
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Watch Tim Kaine Shred the Harmonica While His Wife Does Soft Shoe

The VP hopeful completely murdered a rendition of "Wagon Wheel" while campaigning in North Carolina.
Matthew James-Wilson
2016 US election

Trump vows to intensify attacks on Clinton: 'No more Mr. Nice Guy'

Donald Trump is not known for pulling punches on the campaign trail, but after being mocked at the Democratic convention, he says he's "taking the gloves off."
Tess Owen
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Bill Clinton Told Bernie Sanders Supporters They’ll Be 'Toast' on Tuesday

The former US president does not take heckling lightly.
Helen Donahue
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Trump Says Clinton Is a Boring Criminal Who Belongs in Jail

"Folks, honestly, she's guilty as hell," the presumptive Republican nominee said at a chaotic California event.
Helen Donahue

How John Kasich Tried to Eat His Way into the White House

Perhaps the candidate’s failure to gain more than a measly 66 delegates can be attributed to his novel campaign tactic: eating his way into the hearts of Americans.
Alex Swerdloff
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Trump Can't Fly His Private Jet Anymore Because He Didn't Pay the $5 Registration

The FAA told the pilot of Trump's aircraft they won't be able to haul Donnie to any more rallies until the jet is re-registered.
Helen Donahue
2016 US election

Why It’s No Surprise a Journalist Got Choked at a Donald Trump Rally

Uncomfortable encounters with Trump’s security and staff have become a routine hazard of the job for reporters on the campaign trail.
Olivia Becker
2016 US election

Cheap Hotels, Mate Tea, and Friendly Secret Service: On the Nevada Trail with Bernie Sanders

VICE News embedded with the Sanders team in the lead up to the Nevada caucuses, and found a very different atmosphere to the other candidates' tightly controlled and buttoned-up campaigns.
Liz Fields
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We Turned Chef Matty Matheson into a Canadian Campaign Trail Reporter

Watch as Matty asks Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper two questions, fraternizes with his new friends on the media bus, and chats with protesters at Conservative rallies.
VICE Staff

Canada's Green Party Wants to Stunt the World's Population

Amid a closely-fought Canadian federal election campaign that sees the Greens fighting to stay relevant, their policies are facing increased scrutiny.
Justin Ling