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How Women Candidates Navigate Sexism and Racism in Their Campaigns

Twenty-one-year-old Morgan Zegers, candidate for the 113th New York State Assembly District,​ says women who've previously run for office tell her not to wear pink and to use big words to sound smart.
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Black Oregon Lawmaker Said a Woman Called 911 on Her for Campaigning

Janelle Bynum was apparently acting "suspicious."
River Donaghey

Why a Mom Is Fighting for Legalization After Her Daughter's Overdose on Molly

Oxford schoolgirl Martha Fernback died of cardiac arrest following an accidental MDMA overdose when she was 15. Her mother, Anne-Marie Cockburn, wants to prevent the same thing happening to others.
Sirin Kale
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Vegan Campaigner Too 'Annoying' For Citizenship Wins Passport Fight

Nancy Holten says that patriarchal cowbell lovers tried to deny her citizenship, but now she's won her fight to become a Swiss citizen.
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Tim Kaine Tells VICE News How He Plans to Unify the Country

As a proud gun owner, the Virginia senator hopes that gun control is just one of many issues a Clinton administration and Republicans could reach some common ground on.
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Michelle Obama Can't Believe Donald Trump Is Still an Option for President

The first lady gave a rousing, personal speech Thursday about sexism in America and Trump's "locker room banter."
Lauren Messman

Why a Female Politician Is Running for Office in Jordan as a Basket of Flowers

Jordanian parliamentary candidate Dr Alia Abu Haleel’s campaign posters have attracted controversy for featuring a basket of flowers instead of her actual face. Her campaign team explains why.
Sirin Kale

The Bolivian President Tried to Buy My Vote with Food

To build support for an upcoming referendum to determine if he would be allowed to run for a fourth term, President Evo Morales provided a feast to sway undecided voters.
Aaron Kase

Getting Stoned in a Park Won't Bring About Cannabis Reform in the UK

We need better forms of protest than getting publicly arrested in Hyde Park for smoking a comedically big joint.
Elliott Haworth

Anti-Semitic Homage, Hapless Hipsters, and a Drumming Cat: Watch Israel's Weirdest Election Ads

Israel's election is less than week away. VICE News takes a look at some of the strangest campaign videos, also including the 'Bibi Sitter' and animals bleating the names of politicians.
Harriet Salem and Shira Rubin

WhatsApp and Social Media Could Determine India's Elections

With India's political parties turning to social media, WhatsApp might be the campaign tool of choice.
Kayla Ruble
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Zing: Why Positive Politics Take the Backseat

How negative political statements are simply more revered than positively framed remarks.
Daniel Stuckey