A Canadian University Asks Black Student to Prove Minorities Exist on Campus

University of Waterloo asked Fiqir Worku—who was trying to develop services for racialized minorities—to collect information on the school’s racial demographics by herself.
Premila D'Sa

Inside the Culture of Sexual Abuse at Colleges Across Colombia

A three-month investigation by VICE Colombia revealed glaring patterns in how sexual harassment and assault are addressed at colleges in the country.
Camilo Jiménez Santofimio
Tania Tapia Jáuregui

Richard Spencer's White Nationalist Mess Is Coming to Florida

Some University of Florida students are terrified of the alt-right firebrand's first campus speech since Heather Heyer's death in Charlottesville.
Francisco Alvarado

Why Campus Sex Assault Victims Launch Human Rights Complaints

U of T student Tamsyn Riddle is not alone in a cross-country fight seeking justice for mishandled investigations.
Jade Blair

The Professor Who Put Brock Turner's Face in a Textbook Definition of Rape

Criminology professor and author Callie Rennison explains why the definition of rape needs room to expand and evolve.
Linda Yang

'Mattress Girl' Emma Sulkowicz Is Back—And Channeling Her Rage Through BDSM

Two years after "Mattress Performance," Emma Sulkowicz continues to provoke. Her most recent piece, in which she was bound, berated, and hung from the ceiling, tackles the question of the value of art under the Trump administration.
Linda Yang
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An Ivy League A Capella Group Got Booted for Hazing with Icy Hot

Pledges also had to "race up and down a street and then consume foods," according to the school's report.
Drew Schwartz
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Columbia Spent $2.5 Million to Study Sexual Assault on Campus

After a national study found one in four college women have experienced sexual assault, Columbia University decided to do something about it.
Drew Schwartz

It's Harder Than Ever to Be Conservative in College

"Being a conservative is not something we advertise."
Patrick Lejtenyi
sexual assault

Student Forced to Live Next to the Man Who Sexually Assaulted Her, Suit Claims

A former Iowa State University student is suing the school after employees allegedly tried to downplay the assault, forced her to live next to her attacker, and stopped the investigation over the summer months.
Kimberly Lawson

I Asked Academia's Most Vocal Critic Why College Is a Waste

"There was a time when the university was a place of the mind where you expected academic freedom, where if you graduated from that university you'd actually be an educated person. Those things aren't necessarily true anymore."
Allie Conti

This College Made Sexual Assault Survivors Sign a Gag Order or Be Expelled

The contract requires students who report sexual assault to "remain silent," while a Brandon University student described the process as "humiliating" and "horrifyingly ignorant."
Jake Kivanc