Festivals 2018

Announcing Desert Daze 2018 with Tame Impala, Mercury Rev, Warpaint, and More

The desert psych fest is back for a seventh edition Oct. 12-14 with a new SoCal location and the first phase of this year's lineup.
Andrea Domanick
Future Days

An Appreciation of Can's 'Future Days'

I love 'Future Days' so much that I named this column after it and if I had a kid I’d probably name them after it too.
Drew Millard
In Memoriam

10 Thoughts on Holger Czukay, the Cosmic Dad Jokester of Krautrock, Who Is Dead Now

The 79-year-old co-founded the legendary German art-rock group Can, who produced some of the most influential music of the 70s and 80s.
Brandon Soderberg

Talking ‘Singles’ with CAN’s Irmin Schmidt

We talk with the legendary piano player about some choice cuts from his band’s singles compilation, out now on Mute.
Will Schube
we saw this

You Have Faust's Art of Improvisation to Thank for Everything You Love

The legendary German experimentalists played on garbage in a 100-person space on their fourth US tour ever, and the results were magical.
Michael Powell
Holy Shit

Watch Miguel and TV on the Radio Play Each Other's Songs and Cover Krautrock Legends Can

They did TVOTR's "Seeds," Miguel's "Adorn," and Can's "Vitamin C."
Craig Jenkins

PREMIERE: Listen to Dead Heavens, Featuring Walter Schreifels, Cover Can's "I'm So Green"

Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools, CIV and more vs. the legendary Can.
John Hill
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to Mountains' New Trippy Kosmiche Track

After listening to it, I discovered a large glowing orb in my chest and realized that I suddenly knew how to do transcendental meditation.
Charlie Ambler
VICE vs Video games

Bleak Video Games Should Remind Us of What Matters in Our Real Lives

Bleak dystopias can be oddly uplifting.
Brad Barrett

A Look Back at Can's Thrilling 'Tago Mago'

In the latest excerpt from 33⅓ in-depth album reviews, Scottish novelist Alan Warner remembers kraut rock group Can's 1971 record and an era of young men obsessing over vinyl.
Alan Warner

Paul Thomas Anderson on 'Inherent Vice,' Kubrick, and Hangovers

"I think it's good to think of the film as, like, that moment when you wake up in the morning and you've been drinking the night before."
Amelia Abraham

Being Damo Suzuki: The Man Who Practically Invented Post-Punk and Ambient Music

Talking 60s communes, nearly dying in the Sahara Desert, and channelling the Stone Age with the former member of Can.
Robert Greer