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On The Line: Justin Ling and Nilo Tabrizy Discuss Justin Trudeau’s Canada

VICE News’ Justin Ling and Nilo Tabrizy joined 'On The Line' to take your questions about Justin Trudeau’s Canada.


'Canada Ran Away:' Jihadists Reportedly Rejoice Over Trudeau Victory

Supporters of the Islamic State took to Twitter to celebrate prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau’s victory last week, and his promise to pull Canada out of the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria.


After Getting Whipped by Trudeau, Canada’s Conservative Party Is Soul Searching

James Moore, a one-time leadership contender who announced that he didn’t intend to seek re-election, says the Conservatives need to “stare down the image that we’re a pretty aggressive party.”


Justin Trudeau Is Sticking to His Syrian Refugee Plan Despite Pleas to Slow Down

Prime minister-designate Trudeau says he will bring 25,000 refugees to Canada by year end, air-lifting them if necessary. That probably means they would have to be housed at every air base in the country.


Canada’s White House Is a Deathtrap, So Justin Trudeau Is Moving Into a 'Cottage'

Trudeau has had to put off the move into 24 Sussex, which has been the official residence for Canada’s prime minister since 1951, because the crumbling structure could actually prove dangerous for its inhabitants.


What Trudeau’s Liberal Victory Means for Canada’s Oil Sands

The question is whether Justin Trudeau will continue the previous Conservative government’s agenda of extraction and pipeline construction. Based on the Liberals’ campaign promises, Canada is not about to see a complete 180.


A Canadian Political Dynasty Emerges as Justin Trudeau Ascends to Power

There is something cinematic about Trudeau, who grew up at the prime ministerial residence in Ottawa shaking hands with the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Fidel Castro, returning to his old stomping grounds.


Jubilation in Montreal as Trudeau Ushers in 'New Generation' of Leadership

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau defied early critics and polls to lead his party to a shockingly strong win in the longest Canadian election in over 100 years.


True Believers Witness a Stephen Harper Denouement in Calgary

"We love you, Stephen Harper!" one woman cried several times. And then it was over. Harper shook some hands and walked off the stage, as his reign as prime minister of Canada came to an end.


Justin Trudeau Carries Liberals to Massive Win in Canada

It's the end of an era, with Stephen Harper's Conservative government losing its majority grip on Canada's Parliament. He will be stepping down as leader of the party.


John Oliver Tells Canadians How to Vote, Then Dares Them to Arrest Him

John Oliver explicitly told Canadians not to vote for Stephen Harper last night, but he technically wasn’t “inducing” votes and therefore won’t be punished under an obscure Canadian law.


The Canadian Election Drama Ends Tonight

The 78-day campaign, the longest in over a century, is supposed to end tonight. Polls put the Liberals ahead of the ruling Conservative party, but depending on who wins, things could get complicated.