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Harvard Cancels Men's Soccer Season for Lewd "Scouting Reports" of Women's Recruits

Last week, the Harvard Crimson uncovered a document by the 2012 men's soccer team ranking female recruits by appearance and imagined sexual preferences. The university has discovered that those reports continued through this year.


Suspect Charged with Threatening a Massacre on University of Chicago Campus

The 21-year-old suspect allegedly made clear that he wanted to exact revenge for the killing of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago officer. Video footage of McDonald's controversial shooting was released last week.


University of Chicago Shuts Down Campus in Response to Threat of Gun Violence

An anonymous online threat warned that an act of violence would take place at the main quadrangle in the center of campus at around 10am on Monday, prompting the FBI to warn college officials.


The Original Detroit Electronic Music Festival Will Not Return In 2014

DEMF organizers cite a combination of unforeseen circumstances.