Mayor Pete is dealing with homophobic attacks. He knew they were coming.

“The good news is, the condition of my soul is in the hands of God, but the Iowa caucuses are up to you," he said in response to one incident.


Inside Beto O'Rourke's fight to take down Ted Cruz

The Democrat has been outraising Ted Cruz, but Cruz still has a lot of money in the bank


Facebook posts cost this millennial politician $35,000

Facebook posts cost this millennial politician $35,000


The Secret Service Paid Trump Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Fly on His Jet

The government's $1.6 million paycheck is just another campaign contribution Trump can funnel back into his own pocket.


Boris Johnson calls it quits in UK prime minister race

The former London mayor unexpectedly announced he would not run to succeed David Cameron, who quit last week after failing to persuade British voters to stay in the EU.


Smart, Rich People Have Started Voting for Trump

People with a few degrees and six-figure salaries have started to consider the orange menace a viable option for president.


Carly Fiorina Has Agreed to Help Ted Cruz Lose the Republican Nomination

The news comes after the Texas Senator lost five northeastern primaries to Donald Trump Tuesday, basically decimating his chances of grabbing the GOP nomination outright.


The Feminist Backlash Isn’t Helping Hillary Clinton with Young Women

Gloria Steinem, a feminist icon, was forced to walk back statements over the weekend that young women supported Bernie Sanders because they were chasing "boys."


Police Union Endorses Donald Trump Despite His Controversial Muslim Ban Proposal

Trump called the New England Police Benevolent Association's endorsement a huge honor and promised to give cop killers the death penalty, while also defending his recent call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.


Remembering John Barron, Donald Trump’s ‘Spokesman’ Alter Ego

The fictitious Trump executive was the beginning of Trump's mastery of media manipulation.


The New Wave: Meet Durham's David Cameron-Worshipping Young Tory

In this episode we meet young Tory Rebecca Coulson, an avid tennis player and David Cameron mega-fan aiming to become the MP for Durham.