5 days ago

An Eerie Ensemble

Summoning Patricia costs $14.50, but it looks like she haunts a 10-figure estate.

5 days ago

A Paranormal Pet

Pretty paws deserve an elevated Halloween look, but they needn’t cost a fortune.

5 days ago

Disastrous Décor

A few ingredients and incantations allow for a litany of multi-purpose fake blood formulas.

5 days ago

A Spooky Sweet Treat

If your guests are ghosts, they’ll wish they could eat this sumptuous Halloween candy alternative.


Rich People Should Be Putting Out Better Halloween Candy, Woman Argues

Even though this was some quality 'affluent' neighborhood trolling, it's still not a bad attitude to take. Step it up, people.


Eating a Ton of Candy Helps Me Stay Sober

No one tells you that a big part of quitting drinking can be incessantly craving sugar.


Texas Man Facing Six Months in Jail for Sending Chocolate Penis to Sheriff's Department Worker

Apparently those anonymous shipments aren't always anonymous, so please send your chocolate genitalia respectfully and responsibly.


Sesame Candy Recipe

A hard candy that won't exactly break any teeth but will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth.


Supermarket Pulls Chocolate Easter Ducklings After Complaints of Racism

The color choices for Waitrose's “Crispy Duckling, Fluffy Duckling, [and] Ugly Duckling” have sparked controversy.


How Russia Fell in Love with Candy Bars Made of Blood

Many Soviet children grew up loving the sweetness, texture, and slight metallic twang of Hematogen bars—without knowing what was in them.


Inside the Valentine's Day Rush at See's Candy Factory

As you can imagine, a candy factory smells excellent.


My Love for Necco's Original Formula Sweethearts Caused an Existential Crisis

Ever since Necco changed their recipe in 2010, the classic candy hearts haven't been as crunchy—and the originals are getting harder to find.