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Can Candy Crush Really Stave off Bad Memories?

A new study says yes, but be careful what you believe.
Sheherzad Preisler

Eight Things Worth the Same Amount as Candy Crush

King Digital Entertainment—the company behind Candy Crush—is being sold to Activision Blizzard for $5.9 billion. Here's what else you could buy with that cash.
Joe Goodman
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Pay to Win: Activision Buys ‘Candy Crush’ Maker for $5.9 Billion

Buying the company behind Candy Crush Saga gives Activision Blizzard instant credibility on mobile gaming.
Nicholas Deleon

Windows 10 Comes Preinstalled with 'Candy Crush' Whether You Like It or Not

A disgrace to 'Minesweeper.'
Emanuel Maiberg
VICE vs Video games

What Does Katy Perry’s Mobile Game Mean for the Platform’s Genuine Innovators?

Is the news that Katy Perry will follow Kim Kardashian into the mobile-games market bad news for more creative studios?
Mike Diver

Treating Your 'Candy Crush' Addiction

<i>Candy Crush</i> is fun, but there's such thing as too much fun. <i>Candy Crush</i> addiction is real. We called up James McInally from Addiction Helper to talk about it, and then put together a fashion shoot to help curb your <i>Candy Crush</i...
Holly Falconer

The Makers of Candy Crush Won't Trademark "Candy" After All drops its widely-derided trademark request in the US, but not in the EU.
Yannick LeJacq

The Creators of 'Candy Crush' Have Successfully Trademarked the Word "Candy", the company responsible for the addictive mobile game <i>Candy Crush</i>, applied for and was granted a copyright on the word "candy" in relation to mobile gaming. Now, if you want to create a game about candy, you better be prepared to hear...
Alison Stevenson