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74-Year-Old Man Accused of Getting His Entire Church High on Weed Cookies

Several congregants, aged 12 to 70, ended up in the local emergency room on that fateful day, complaining of “adverse effects” from the cookies—which they reported as tasting unusually salty.
VICE Staff
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Marijuana Edibles in Colorado Will Now Be Branded With This Weird Symbol

While the symbol may spell “steer clear” for many, for others, it will scream “eat me.”
Wyatt Marshall
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These Cannabis Cupcakes Are the Best Reason to Turn on the Oven

You don't need the Platinum Blueberry-based cannabutter to make these chocolate-frosted cupcakes taste amazing—but if you do use it, you'll be on that endless summer tip all week.
Munchies Staff
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Get High Off This Weed Bruschetta from 'Bong Appetit'

Basil, mozzarella, tomatoes, balsamic, and olive oil are as close to a perfect combination as you can find and that's only more so the case when you happen to be using olive oil that has been properly infused with some Super Lemon Haze.
Alex Swerdloff
Bong Appetit

The Real 'Penny Lane' Has Moved From Sowing Wild Oats to Farming Wild Rice

Decades after retiring from professionally partying with famous rockstars, 'Penny Lane' maintains a Sauvie Island farm inherited from her parents, where her new passion is wild rice.
David Bienenstock
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A Hazy Night at The Weed Eater’s Underground Book Launch Party

I was attending a not-very-legal book launch party, held in a downtown Brooklyn loft last week, for David Bienenstock’s new book, How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High.
Alex Swerdloff

A Colorado Politician Wants to Outlaw Cannabis Gummy Bears

Due to a recent surge of children accidentally consuming marijuana edibles and winding up in the hospital, Colorado State Representative Dan Pabon wants to do away with weed-infused gummies.
Alex Swerdloff

Now You’ll Finally Know How High You’ll Get from That Edible

A group of scientists announced this week that they have developed a technique to more accurately measure the amount of cannabis in food products.
Alex Swerdloff

We Fell in Love in the Kitchen and Made Out in the Walk-In

We went to work together, we left to work together, we went to sleep together, we woke up together. I think the only time that we didn’t see each other was when we closed our eyes.
Tibet Sha
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How to Turn Your Weed Stash into Delicious Olive Oil

You can heighten any dish with a good slug of olive oil infused with herbs—including our dear friend cannabis.
Munchies Staff