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'Suspicious Object' Shuts Down Chicago Street, Turns Out to be a Chef Boyardee Can on Wheels

We stan the almost-sentient can of ravioli.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Palm Corned Beef Is My Favorite Part of Filipino Breakfast

Rich, salty, and fatty, it made our breakfasts of eggs and rice into savory magic.
Bettina Makalintal

Spam Guisada

Puerto Rican comfort food at its finest.
Margarita Galindez Maisonet

How Puerto Rico Will Recover With the Help of Spam, Again

There's a reason certain recipes are part of the Puerto Rican culinary vernacular.
Illyanna Maisonet
Puerto Rico

New Jersey Prepper Donates 28,000-Pound Doomsday Food Stash to Puerto Rico

For once, some good news.
Jelisa Castrodale
canned food

How a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Inspired a Gourmet Canned Food Company

The team behind Holland's Coco Conserven produces top-quality rillettes, ribollita, and ragout with local ingredients on a small scale.
Felicia Alberding

German Government Will Require Citizens to Maintain an Emergency Food Supply

In the wake of a string of terrorist attacks, the “Concept for Civil Defense” report outlines a plan that will require Germans to stockpile ten days’ food supply and five days worth of drinking water.
Wyatt Marshall

You Could Soon Pay Your Parking Ticket with Canned Food in Tampa

Under the program called “Food for Fines,” a 14- to 15-ounce can of non perishable fruits, vegetables, proteins, or peanut butter would be good for one dollar off your ticket.
Wyatt Marshall

Hey, Idiot, Food Banks Don’t Want Your Canned Alligator and Old Vitamins

Processing all of the weird old junk food that people donate (with good intentions or otherwise) costs this Vancouver-based food bank $40,000 a year.
Gigen Mammoser
Hawaiian food

The History Behind Why Hawaiians Are Obsessed With Spam

Hawaii consumes 7 million cans of Spam a year and there are only 1.42 million of us currently living in the islands—let that sink in a little bit. Nonetheless, Spam is both a blessing and a curse to Hawaiian cuisine.
Mark “Gooch” Noguchi

San Franciscans Are Furious at This Artist for Exhibiting Cans Of 'Boiled Parrot'

A closer look at the individual cans reveals that their labels read as follows: “Colorful Sky Rat” and “Boiled Parrot—In Gravy.”
Alex Swerdloff

It's Not Allowed in Baby Bottles, But BPA Is Probably Lining Your Canned Foods

There hasn't been a food-borne illness case from the failure of metal packaging in over 35 years thanks to the chemical, says an industry representative.
Kate Jenkins