Last Call: The Owner of Merida's Oldest Cantina Is Surprised They're on Yelp

"Sure, El Cardenal is not the same as it was 100 years ago, but that’s because we’re not the same as we were 100 years ago."


Don't Try to Order a Cocktail at This Old-School Guadalajara Cantina

La Fuente does not have a website or an Instagram account, and it serves little more than beer, tequila, and pig's trotters to a diverse array of elderly regulars, politicians, writers, and local celebrities.


Guadalajara’s Oldest Cantina Changed Hands 112 Years Ago in a Game Of Poker

Possibly haunted and rumored to have once put cat meat in its birria, Guadalajara's La Iberia has long and bizarre history as the oldest cantina in the area.


Mexico’s Greatest Soccer Team Drank Tequila in This Cantina Before Every Game

The bar's legendary house cocktail, “Nalgas Alegres,” or “Happy Buttocks,” costs just 50 pesos and consists of gin, rum, red wine, Orange Crush soda, and lime juice.


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Old-School Italian Cooking with Danny Smiles

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