Cape Town

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Cape Town Is Surveilling Residents to Shame Them Into Using Less Water

Officials are posting data from individual houses to try and convince people to conserve water—at the cost of their privacy.
Jay Fleming

Cape Town Residents Tell Us What It's Like Living in the Shadow of 'Day Zero'

Facing a water shortage, residents can no longer wash their cars with municipal water. And bars are cutting frozen margaritas from the menu.
Jay Fleming

A Century in the Making: Temba Bavuma

As the first black African batsman specialist for the National team, Temba Bavuma is changing the face of cricket in South Africa.
VICE Sports
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

DeJ Loaf’s New Video “In Living Color” is the Vibrant Jolt You Need Right Now

If you’re feeling the pre-Christmas lull, this is an ideal antidote.
Lauren O'Neill

These Incredible Soothing Illustrations Were Made With a Freaking Pencil

Filled with effortless grace, the fine-lined works of Marsi van de Heuvel deftly modernize Impressionism.
Diana Shi
South Africa

Can Cooking Meat Really Help South Africa Reconcile Its Legacy of Apartheid?

Braai day is supposed to bring South Africans together through cooking meat, but the feel-good ideology that the holiday espouses has drawn increasing critique.
Kimon de Greef
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Watch Desert Renegades Yasiin Bey and Narcy Escape Their Enemies in A Tribe Called Red's "R.E.D." Video

The two rappers flee Cape Town in the visuals for the Ottawa First Nations electronic group's latest single.
Max Mohenu

The South African Sex Workers Fighting Abusive Police

In South Africa, assaults are rarely reported to the authorities because sex workers know if they ask for help they will be ignored or even punished, especially if the perpetrators are police officers.
Max Daly

Expired Medicine Creates Abstract Animal Paintings

South African artist Jo Voysey’s unconventional choice of mediums highlights the contentious relationship between human and animals.
Tanja M. Laden
The We Missed You Issue

The Hopes and Dreams of Cape Town's Trans Sex Workers

These photos are an ongoing collaboration between two Dutch artists and members of Sistaazhood, a group of trans sex workers affiliated with the Cape Town advocacy group SWEAT.
Jan Hoek and Duran Lantink

Surfing Through Sewage in South Africa

The coastal waters near Cape Town are part of the reason it’s the most visited city in South Africa. But some people are worried about the city using those waters as its septic tank.
Megan Hart

Rooibos-Infused Wine Might Save You a Headache

In the mountainous vineyards of Stellenbosch, the Audacia winery is doing something, well, audacious: using local rooibos in its wines. In addition to boosting the flavor of its merlot, Audacia claims this could bring health benefits and fewer...
Adam Sege and Emily Jan