You Might Be Able to Buy Truman Capote's Ashes for Just $6,000

A carved box filled with the literary icon's ashes will go up for auction in Los Angeles next month.


The Mental Illness Behind the 'Foxcatcher' Murder

Foxcatcher is the new Bennett Miller movie that tells the backstory of a brutal, mysterious, and headline-grabbing 1996 murder. However, the murderer and his motives are richer and much more complex than what is even on screen.


Talking to Director Bennett Miller About His New Film, 'Foxcatcher'

Director Bennett Miller spent seven years on his retelling of the true story of millionaire heir John du Pont's fateful relationship with a pair of Olympic wrestlers.


The Capote Character

Truman Capote's In Cold Blood was the first of its kind—a true crime story written as beautifully as a novel. In contrast to his previous novels, Capote allowed his own character to slip into the background, to focus on murderer Perry Smith. But...


Philip Seymour Hoffman's Light Touch

Philip, like Marlon Brando, had innate power. Year after year, he hit us with constant magic—veiling a hurricane of emotion and humanity underneath a soft-spoken exterior.