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The Superheroines Are Finally Here to Save Us

It took generations before Captain Marvel got her own feature film. But in today's comics and YA books, superheroes who are women have been roaming free.
Nicole Clark
Review Bombing

'Captain Marvel' Shows How the Culture War Is Making User Reviews Useless

Rotten Tomatoes had to make changes to audience rating functionality following a review-bombing campaign against the film.
Samantha Cole

'Captain Marvel' Is the MCU's Most Predictable Film

Carol Danvers may be Marvel's most powerful hero. But she isn't very interesting...yet.
Nicole Clark

‘Captain Marvel’ Will Be a Success Because of Brie Larson

The actress has gone on the offensive against sexism in Hollywood—and the trolls—and the movie is better off for it.
Noel Ransome

Marvel May Finally Be Giving Fans a Leading Gay Movie Hero

He's swoll, lives for centuries, and here to take on Hollywood's erasure of queer superheroes.
Taylor Hosking

The Website for 'Captain Marvel' Is a Nostalgic 90s Dream

I hope you like Comic Sans.
Nicole Clark

Fundraisers Are Already Popping Up to Send Girls to See 'Captain Marvel'

Marvel's first female-lead film will be premiering in March, and they're likely to pull out all the stops.
Taylor Hosking
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Brie Larson Kicks a Whole Heap of Alien Ass in the New 'Captain Marvel' Trailer

With help from Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury.
River Donaghey
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Brie Larson Was Told to Smile, So She Put Smiles onto Marvel Dudes

The 'Captain Marvel' actress responded perfectly to some sexist fan complaints.
Nicole Clark
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Watch the Trailer for Marvel's First Female Superhero Movie, 'Captain Marvel'

Starring Brie Larson as a fighter pilot who socks what looks like an innocent old lady in the face!
Drew Schwartz
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Is Finally Getting a Muslim Superhero

Marvel Studios officially announced plans to bring 16-year-old Ms. Marvel to the big screen.
Beckett Mufson

Marvel Studios President Comments on Ronda Rousey's Campaign To Become Captain Marvel

At a recent event to promote the home release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was asked about Ronda Rousey's desire to become Carol Danvers in the forthcoming Captain Marvel movie.
Sarah Kurchak