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This Guy Ran Back to His Burning Car to Light a Cig and Singed His Eyebrows

He was later charged with a DUI.
River Donaghey

Innocent Burrito Was ‘The Only Casualty’ in Car Crash, Sheriff Says

Thoughts and prayers for the burrito.
Jelisa Castrodale

Italian Cyclist Michele Scarponi Struck by Van, Killed While Training

"We left a great champion and a special guy, always smiling in every situation​."
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Watch Some Good Samaritans Save a Man from His Burning Car

The cellphone footage of a few men forming a human chain and hoisting the injured driver back up to safety is a tiny beacon of hope in our garbage world.
Lauren Messman
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Calvin Harris Was Involved in a "Serious" Car Collision

The DJ is recovering after leaving the hospital and has cancelled two shows.
Michael Scott Barron
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A Turtle Smashed Through a Woman's Windshield Like Real-Life 'Mario Kart'

The driver was treated for minor abrasions, but the turtle was barely phased.
Helen Donahue
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Watch a Google Self-Driving Car Sideswipe a City Bus

The robocar did what humans typically do when they see something unexpected in their path—it swerved out of the way, smashing into the crowded public bus.
Helen Donahue

A 28 Year-Old Man Was Killed In Sydney After Riding a Trolley Into an Oncoming Car

Two young Swedes were trying to ride the trolley down a hill, hitting an estimated speed of 80 kph.
VICE Staff

Watch Tesla's Autopilot Save This Man from a Near Collision

A Seattle driver was going at 45 mph when he almost rammed into a sudden left turn, until autopilot kicked in.
Clinton Nguyen
Standing Up with Andre Arruda

Comedian Andre Arruda Gets Hit by a Car

Andre also gets into how insulting it is that his scooter is sometimes seen as a toy.
VICE Staff

What Will Kill You This Summer?

Make no mistake, summer wants you dead. In the interests of public safety, here's what to avoid if you want to make it through to March.
Max Rann

'If Someone's Died, or it's Apparent Someone will Die, They Call Us'

We spoke to a police officer whose job is investigating fatal crash sites to find out who's responsible.
Julian Morgans