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Watch This Preteen Go on High-Speed Chase After Mom Takes Away Video Games

Grand Theft Auto IRL.
Mack Lamoureux

Soldier Gets DUI After Taking Cops on Insane Chase in Armored Vehicle

Police say the guy was under the influence of drugs when he took the tank-like monstrosity for a 60-mile joyride through Richmond, Virginia.
Drew Schwartz
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This Patriot Allegedly Stole an Entire Beer Truck in Most American Heist Ever

Sadly, his epic beer run was short-lived.
River Donaghey
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Watch This Insane Police Chase with a Naked Guy on an ATV

And you thought your weekend was wild.
Drew Schwartz
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Watch This Guy Take Cops on an Insane Car Chase into a Subway Tunnel

People started rooting for the driver after he pulled a move straight out of 'Grand Theft Auto.'
Drew Schwartz
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This Couple Ended an Epic Police Chase by Just Giving Up and Making Out

Ah, the things we do for love.
Drew Schwartz
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A Ten-Year-Old Stole a Car and Led Cops on a 100 MPH Chase

"I don't see how he even looked over the steering wheel."
River Donaghey
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A Woman Handcuffed in the Back of a Cop Car Somehow Managed to Steal It

Police footage captured the woman's wild stunt, along with the 23-minute, 100-MPH chase she mounted in an officer's car.
River Donaghey
This Week in 2007

Remembering the Car Chase that Forever Changed Lindsay Lohan's Career

The summer of 2007 was supposed to launch Lindsay as an edgy, Oscar-bait actress. Instead, she drove 100 miles an hour on the Pacific Coast Highway.
Mitchell Sunderland

'Little Marta,' Today's Comic by Merv Heers

Officer Francine is on the move to catch a pair of murderous kidnappers in a high-speed manga car chase.
Merv Heers

An 11-Year-Old Led Police on a Highway Chase Thanks to ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Three stars, at least.
Jordan Pearson
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State troopers filmed pummeling motorist after car chase charged with assault

Prosecutors in New Hampshire have filed criminal charges against two police officers who were caught on camera punching a driver who surrendered peacefully.
Reuters and VICE News