Why This Bar's Coasters Are Made from Wrecked Cars

Talk about a sobering reminder of the consequences of drunk driving—but that's the idea.


No, Weed Doesn't Make You a Better Driver

"If you go back 40 to 50 years, people thought, I'm only going to have a drink or two because it relaxes me, so I'm a safer driver, a calmer driver."


This Badass Female Monster Truck Driver Does Backflips in a Scooby Doo–Shaped Car

"Now, jumping huge is really hard to describe. There's no sensation like it. I'm driving a 12-foot Scooby Doo truck, and I'm flying through the air. I feel like a superhero in a cartoon."


Suge Knight Has Been Arrested for Killing a Guy With His Car

The Death Row Records mogul appears to have run a guy over with his truck after an argument at a Los Angeles burger joint.


Francis and the Railway

Francis Bear is like Winnie-the-Pooh—if Pooh Bear ate fast food instead of honey, loved beer, and regularly caused car crashes.


People in Colorado Are Now Shooting Themselves Faster Than They Can Die in Car Crashes

Guns already account for 50.6 percent of American suicides. However, Colorado just saw an abrupt 20 percent jump in gun suicides, with 532 in 2012. We tried to get to the bottom of this troubling trend.


The Lakers' Long National Nightmare Is Over

This week in sports, Michael Vick got concussed, some NASCAR dudes got in a fight, and the Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni. Oh yeah, and the Knicks are good, while the Jets continue to be terrible and a football game ended in a tie, neither of which are...