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Carbs Are Not the Enemy

Many of us probably know people who've lost weight by cutting carbs, but it’s not a sustainable diet, or a particularly healthy one.
K. Aleisha Fetters
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This Is What Happens to Your Body if You Eat Almost No Carbs

You might want to read this before you decide to start living off of butter, bacon, and bourbon.
Grant Stoddard
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This Is What Would Happen to Your Body if You Only Ate Fruits and Vegetables

We're not talking plant-based. We're talking plants only.
Grant Stoddard
Phys Ed

Should You Eat Carbs to Recover After a Workout?

Failure to do so, the idea goes, is cheating your muscles and putting the brakes on recovery.
Christian Finn
Phys Ed

How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

Everything you need to know about how to train, what and when you should eat, and the importance of a better night's sleep.
K. Aleisha Fetters
Phys Ed

4 Ways Your Body Will Fight You if You're Working Out Too Hard

My newly fit body stole my sex drive.
Grant Stoddard
How to Not Die

How Much Saturated Fat Should Be in My Diet?

Bad fat? Nah, just misunderstood.
Olga Oksman
Tonic Editors
The yes man

This Is What Happened to My Body After the First Week of the Keto Diet

So. Much. Butter.
Grant Stoddard
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The Ketogenic Diet Is Probably Not for You

All the big claims are way ahead of the evidence.
Michael Easter
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This Vegan 'Power Breakfast' Will Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks

Health is easy when it tastes like coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, and almond-butter toast.
Munchies Staff
bad breath

Your Super-Healthy Diet Is Making Your Breath Stink

When carb intake drops below 30 grams per day, the body gets rid of organic compounds, known as ketones, through the mouth, a process which can smell pretty gnar to those around you.
Nick Rose

Italian Study Says that Pasta Won't Make You Fat

It’s Italians themselves who are saying pasta's not so bad for your health. It’s sort of like getting medical advice from the sun-bleached stoma that is a Marlboro Man
Alex Swerdloff