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What I'm Freaking Out About

How Much Environmental Damage Did Your Thanksgiving Dinner Do?

Researchers broke it down by state.
Ashley P. Taylor
Livable Planet

This Is the Vegan NASCAR Driver Turning Racing Fans on to Electric Cars

Driver and environmental activist Leilani Münter on how she got the unlikeliest of demographics thinking about their carbon footprint.
Kastalia Medrano
Impact Water

1,800 Gallons of Water Goes Into One Pound of Meat

Cut down on your water footprint without starving yourself at dinnertime.
Jonathan Parks-Ramage

This Tweet Shows Why Plastics Are So Dangerous to Marine Animals

Every year, 13 million tons of plastic wind up in our oceans.
Sarah Emerson

The Supermarket of the Future Knows Exactly What You're Eating

When I pick up a tomato, a set of data pops up on the screen in front of me telling me where the tomato was grown, as well as its nutritional properties and even its carbon footprint.
Alberto Mucci
carbon footprint

Why We Should Drink Cockroach Milk

Bear with me here.
Sarah Emerson
carbon footprint

In the Future, Our Cities Could Be Made of Bone

Creepy or sci-fi as hell?
Sarah Emerson
restaurant industry

This Is Why Restaurants Charge So Much for Tiny Portions

When people complain about the prices at my restaurant, it happens because their expectations are not managed properly. We’re offering something that we believe is right: produce that comes only from London and its surrounding area.
Michael Sager
san francisco

San Francisco Climate Tax Raises Questions About Tech’s Carbon Footprint

Residents wonder whether Silicon Valley’s tech giants are paying their fair share to save the local environment.
Sarah Emerson

Dead Piranhas Still Bite

I went along to Andina, a delicious Peruvian kitchen in the heart of Shoreditch, to kill, cook, and eat my very own twin set of deadly piranhas under the watchful, expert eye of chef Martin Morales.
Nell Frizzell

Researchers Love E. Coli Because They Can Make It Poop Plastic

Modified microbes have the potential to help reduce our carbon footprint and our reliance on oil at the same time.
Arthur White
the Earth Died Screaming Issue

My Tiny House Experiment

For years I've been hearing about tiny houses' benefits—their eco-friendliness, their manageability—so I finally decided to try it out for myself.
Edith Zimmerman