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The Fat-Burning Effects of HIIT Workouts Are Exaggerated

Here’s a closer look at the science on cardio and weight loss and what it all means for you.
Christian Finn
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Does Exercising Before Breakfast Help You Burn More Fat?

Critics like to say that fasted cardio is a catabolic menace that will strip away the muscle you’ve worked so hard to build.
Christian Finn
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This Is How Running and Cycling Affect the Way Your Body Builds Muscle

How much cardio should you do when you're trying to get stronger?
Christian Finn
The yes man

Scientists Told Me to Stop Working Out So Hard if I Want to Burn Fat

This test says that I—and maybe you—have been doing cardio wrong since forever.
Grant Stoddard
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Can Running Actually Help You Get Stronger?

A lot of strength athletes neglect cardio completely.
Nick English
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Cardio Machines Are Just Guessing How Many Calories You Burned

Is my elliptical a liar?
Grant Stoddard
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Women Are Naturally More Fit Than Men, Study Says

It comes down to differences in how our bodies process oxygen.
Kelsey Kennedy
Running Wild

Rest Day Is the Most Important Day for Runners

Recovery isn’t just physical, it’s mental.
Cindy Kuzma
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Men Who Work Out Have Superior Sperm

A simple change in lifestyle may be all some guys need to get their swimmers back in shape.
Justin Lehmiller, PhD
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The Minimum Amount of Exercise You Need to Live Longer

Scientists identified the exact number of days to hit the gym each week.
Dan Roe
Fighting Words

In Defense of Running

A non-runner explains why pounding the pavement is not the “worst way to get fit.”
Lou Schuler
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The Audacity of Rope

My gym costs five dollars and travels with me everywhere.
Jeanann Pannasch