We're Working Nurses to Death

"Every time you're at work, it’s a bad day. There isn’t a chance of having a light day anymore.”


Working With Dead People Has Its Own Special Kind of Job Stress

People in the funeral industry can report high levels of stress and anxiety similar to caregivers. It's known as compassion fatigue.


These Films Accurately Portray People Living With Rare Diseases

They're sipping wine, smoking, and mumbling to each other—viewers assume this is the dregs of a wild night out, but it's two parents talking about their newborn.


Study Confirms That Caring for a Sick Pet Can Take a Toll on Your Mental Health

People with sick pets are more likely to be stressed, anxious, and depressed.


What Happens When a Kid Becomes a Caregiver

"It didn't occur to me that I was taking on these roles. I just did them because I loved her."


Why Our First Responders Are So Burned Out

Their empathy can actually work against them.


I Was a Weight Lifter, and Then I Got Mono

When you can't sit up without a struggle, you rely on other people to survive.


Women May Finally Get Money for Unpaid Caregiving Work

Women are disproportionately affected by the negative consequences of unpaid caregiving work. A new bill proposed by Senator Chris Murphy and backed by Bernie Sanders ensures that anyone leaving their job to take care of a loved one gets paid.


A Day in the Life of an Alzheimer's Caregiver

My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about three years ago. After an extended stay at the hospital and stints in two different rest homes, my mom brought him home to care for him herself. There is an unseen routine in the lives of most home caregivers...