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Carl's Jr. Is Here to Ruin 4/20 with Its New CBD Burger

You'd probably eat yourself to death like that guy in 'Se7en' before getting a real high off Rocky Mountain High CheeseBurger Delights.
Jelisa Castrodale

Inside the World of Competitive Sign-Spinning

Once just a low-wage job for teenagers outside of sandwich spots, sign-spinning is now a fleshed-out and fiercely competitive sport.
Luke Winkie

Carl's Jr. Begging Amazon to Buy It Embodies the Pain of Late Capitalism

"Our logo smiles, your logo smiles!!!"
Louise Matsakis
minimum wage

Carl's Jr. Fined $1.45 Million Over Alleged Minimum-Wage Violations

The fast-food giant isn't taking the news lying down.
Alex Swerdloff

Trump's Pick for Labor Secretary Once Sued Jack in the Box Over a Butt Joke

Everyone secretly loves a good butt joke. Well, everyone except Andy Puzder.
Jelisa Castrodale
Fast Food

Scenes from Fast Food Workers' Protest Against Trump's Labor Pick

Members of the Fight for $15 movement and their supporters gathered throughout the country, most often in front of Carl's Jr and Hardee's restaurants, to voice their opposition to Andrew's Puzder's likely appointment to the position of Labor Secretary.
Munchies Staff

Trump Is Reportedly Considering the CEO of Carl’s Jr. for Secretary of Labor

Andrew Puzder, the CEO of fast food group CKE Restaurants, is also known for commenting that fast food workers will likely be replaced by robots and defending Carl's Jr.'s racy commercials.
Wyatt Marshall
Fast Food

Millennials Don’t Like ‘Dealing with People’ at Fast Food Restaurants

According to a recent survey, almost one third of Millennials aged 18 to 24 opt for drive-thru not because of efficiency, but because “they don’t feel like dealing with people.”
Nick Rose

Carl's Jr. Responds to Ridicule Over Using Fake Burger in Their Commercial

The internet erupted with controversy upon sighting this blatantly CGI abomination of a "Cali Burger" in a recent Carl's Jr. commercial.
Charley Lanyon

This Fast Food CEO Thinks Robots Might Be the Future of the Restaurant Industry

With the rise of the machines already upon us and a growing demand for better wages in fast food restaurants, some shrewd executives are realizing that it might be cheaper to just replace imperfect humans with more “polite” robots.
Nick Rose

How Criminals' Snack Trails Have Led Them Straight into the Slammer

A smooth criminal in Iowa City just left a trail of snack foods leading from the store he just robbed. When arrested, the man was blackout drunk, smeared in nacho cheese. But he's not the only hungry delinquent who's gotten caught red-handed.
Jesse Hirsch

Food Advertising Is Still Feeding Gender Stereotypes

In 2014, according to many mainstream food advertisements, men only eat meat and women only consume yogurt, a stereotype that would make Gloria Steinem want to go on a hunger strike.
Oscar Rickett