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The FBI will release 15,000 more of Hillary Clinton's emails, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to become France's president again, McDonald's responds to Kanye West's poem for Frank Ocean, and more.
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Mexico's president may have plagiarized his thesis

President Enrique Peña Nieto filled about 30 percent of his undergraduate law thesis with paragraphs lifted from books, according to a new report. A presidential spokesman dismisses them as "errors of style" from a long time ago.
Jo Tuckman

Investigation Casts Doubt on Soap Opera Star's Marriage to Mexican President

The investigation says that the annulment of the bride's previous marriage was obtained through lies and irregularities, and ruined a dying priest's life.
Oscar Balderas & Nathaniel Janowitz

How Kate Del Castillo Became the Rebel Celebrity Who Took Sean Penn to ‘Chapo’

The interview orchestrated by the Mexican actress raises tough questions for her career, her new tequila brand, and the whole business of narco pop media at large.
Daniel Hernandez

Mexico's Government Is Brushing Off Report of Another State Massacre of Unarmed Civilians

After the missing 43 and the massacre at Tlatlaya, the country is now facing a third likely state-led mass killing in less than a year. A journalist says federal police killed 16 civilians in Apatzingan, Michoacan.
Andrea Noel

Fired Mexican News Anchor Asks For Her Job Back, Executives Reply ‘Good Luck’

Carmen Aristegui wanted to return to her slot exposing government corruption, but MVS Communications shot back, saying the relationship was over, permanently.
Daniel Hernandez and Andrea Noel

Dismissal of News Anchor in Mexico: A Return to ‘Bad Old Days’ of Media Control?

Carmen Aristegui exposed government corruption and was called the second most powerful woman in Mexico. Now's out of a job.
Daniel Hernandez
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Leaked Video Shows Reporters Taking Cash from Mexican Drug Lord

A video shows a Televisa reporter and another journalist taking cash from a cartel leader in exchange for tips on how to improve his image.
James Young