carnivorous plants


Scientists Discover a Meat-Eating Plant That Feeds on Salamanders

Add salamanders to the list of things that pitcher plants will eat.


The Cure for Gluten Intolerance Could Live Inside These Bug-Eating Plants

These carnivorous plants melt bugs with natural enzymes that could be harnessed to break down gluten.


The Mysterious Physics of the World’s Fastest Carnivorous Plant

Scientists are trying to figure out how the bladderwort is capable of inhaling its prey at over 600 times the force of gravity.


Eat These Carnivorous Plants Before They Eat You

Resourceful Malaysians have discovered that pitcher plants are delicious when stuffed with rice. Nevermind that these plants eat insects, rats, and even lizards and birds.


Carnivorous Plants Are More Conniving Than You Think

Biologists discover that the pitcher plant will let ants feed for free... as long as they spread the word to all their other tasty ant friends.


Explore the Dangers of a Carnivorous Garden in This Gripping Biolapse

Chris Field's timelapse 'Carnivora Gardinum' demonsrates the beautiful horror of insect-eating vegetation.


Get Eaten Alive by a Bunch of Carnivorous Plants

This is what passing the point of no return looks like.