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Groom Wins Super Bowl Bet with Bride, Gets to Wear Eagles Jersey at Wedding

Jennifer Sullivan was so confident Philly had no chance to beat New England in the Super Bowl that she agreed to let her soon-to-be husband wear an Eagles jersey at the wedding if they pulled it off.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Eagles Fan Creates Dope 'Star Wars' Hype Video for Nick Foles

The homage to Philadelphia's new stater is titled " Star Wars: The Last QB," and it's not half bad.
Liam Daniel Pierce

​Carson Wentz Gave TD Ball to Eagles Fan Mike Trout

We have a budding bromance in Philadelphia.
Dave Brown
Green Bay Packers

​Aaron Rodgers and the Packers Refuse to Go Away

The Packers finally put a full team performance together and became the first team to beat the Eagles in Philly this season.
Ty Schalter

NFL Waiver Wire Workout: Week 12

Injuries for Eagles, Seahawks, and Bills players, among others, may mean you're looking for free agents to add to your roster. Fantasy football expert Christopher Harris has some options.
Christopher Harris
Philadelphia Eagles

​The Philadelphia Eagles Aren't Quite Good Enough (Yet)

The Eagles are one of the better teams in the NFL, statistically, but it's not showing up in the wins column.
Ty Schalter

Are Modern Quarterbacks Better, or Is Throwing Just Easier?

While it may feel like most teams don't have a franchise quarterback right now, league-wide completion percentage is higher than ever.
Rivers McCown
sunday night football

Perception Is Not Reality for Eagles and Cowboys After Sunday Night Classic

Rookie quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott are neither as good nor as bad as their reputations would have you believe.
Ty Schalter
Minnesota Vikings

​The Eagles and the Vikings Are Both for Real: The Sam Bradford Bowl

The Vikings and Eagles are very similar teams going in the same direction.
Ty Schalter

​The Wentz Wagon Hits a Detroit Pothole

As bad as Detroit potholes can be, this wagon should still carry the Eagles pretty far.
Ty Schalter
dumb football

The Wentz Wagon Rolls On, the Beckham-Norman Feud Continues, and More from NFL Week 3: Dumb Football with Mike Tunison

Emerging franchise quarterbacks are among the greatest gifts football can give to casual fans. And so far this season, the NFL has at least two promising ones in the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott and the Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz.
Mike Tunison

The Student Has Become the Master: Carson Wentz Dismantles Ben Roethlisberger's Steelers

Wentz proved yet again that his abilities to read the defense before the snap, move in or out of the pocket, make good decisions quickly, and deftly throw a well-placed ball make him more dangerous than any rookie has a right to be.
Ty Schalter