CEO Who Sold Encrypted Phones to the Sinaloa Cartel Sentenced to Nine Years

Vincent Ramos was sentenced to nine years and forfeited more than $80 million for providing criminal organizations with encrypted devices.


Ohio Murders: Pot Growing and Evidence of Cockfighting Linked to Slain Family of Eight

Eight members of the same family were slain execution-style at four separate crime scenes in rural Pike County last week. So far, no arrests have been made.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Trump blames Sanders for attacks on his supporters, Turkey vows to "bring terrorism to its knees" after an attack in Ankara left 37 dead, a Star Trek fan film is being sued for using Klingon, and more.


Watch GoPro Footage of the Raid That Helped Bring Down El Chapo (Again)

It's pretty much as intense as you would expect.


Wanted Criminal Kingpins Probably Shouldn’t Try to Make Biopics About Their Lives

But there's more to their attempts at cinematic legacy than stupidity and hubris.


The Nazi-Loving Drug Lord Who Revolutionized the Cocaine Smuggling Industry

When Carlos "Crazy Charlie" Lehder of the Medellin cartel, was eventually taken down for his drug crimes, the prosecutors compared his cocaine transportation system to what Henry Ford was to automobiles.


Everything We Know So Far About the Disappearance of Two Australian Surfers in Mexico

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman have been missing since November 21.


There Is a Snow-Removal Cartel in Montreal, Apparently

A report says some snow professionals were told they'd have their legs broken if they bid on a certain contract.


Mexican Cartels Are Going High-Tech

The war on drugs isn't just fought with bullets. Recent announcements from Mexican authorities show that cartels are developing increasingly advanced networks of information technology.


We Talked to One of Mexico's Leading Vigilantes

The former leader of a group of vigilantes in Mexico has just been released from prison, and is now eyeing a career in politics. VICE News speaks with Hipólito Mora about life after his release.


From Bank Robber to One of Mexico City's Most Notorious Drug Dealers: The Story of El Tío

"Robbing banks was lucrative, but selling drugs is way less dangerous."


The Branded Cocaine Bags of Mexico's Most Brutal Drug Gang

I collected the baggies while buying coke from the notorious Los Zetas cartel, in the town of Torreón.