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Muhammad Ali's Conversion to Islam Changed the World

For my father and many others, it wasn't what Ali did in the ring that made him the Greatest of All Time—it was the decision to convert to Islam.
Kaleem Aftab

The Champ At Rest: Muhammad Ali In His Later Years

Over eight intimate months with Ali, the author discovered a man who was neither weak nor diminished in his later life, but rather happy, at peace and still growing.
Peter Richmond

The Best Quotes by and About Muhammad Ali

Stories of Muhammad Ali's speed, toughness, generosity, ego, and wit.
VICE Staff
Muhammad Ali

Ali Remembered: A Collection of Stories About the Passing of an Icon

The passing of Muhammad Ali has inspired numerous remembrances and obituaries. We collect some of the best.
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The World Is Mourning Muhammad Ali — Even Anti-Muslim Donald Trump

The legendary boxer, who transcended sports with his outspoken stances on religious, political, and social issues, died on Friday at age 74.
Tess Owen
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David Roth's Weak In Review: Talking Back In 2015

This week, two legendary athletes that happen to be Muslim spoke out against a loathsome rising tide of anti-Muslim sentiment, and its author. It kind of stood out.
David Roth

'From the Corner of Cassius Clay' Is a Powerful One-Woman Show about Muhammad Ali's Time in Miami

Dancer Shareeka Harrell trained as a boxer and dug deep into Miami's black history to prepare for her role as the legendary fighter and activist.
Jonathan Peltz

We Predict Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Wedding Guest List

This weekend, Kim Kardashian will marry Kanye West at the most important wedding ceremony since Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's nuptials in 1533. Who received coveted invitations to the event? We examine the odds.
Emalie Marthe