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This Guy Wants to Grant Asylum to All the Stray Cats in Israel

Uri Ariel of Israel's far-right Jewish Home party has suggested that Israel should "transfer stray dogs and a foreign nation that will agree to accept them."


Guam Will Allow Some Sex Offenders to Walk Free if They Agree to Chemical Castration

Critics see the Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders Act as a showy reaction to rape statistics.


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The Castration Truck

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How to Protect Your Package from Lorena Bobbitts

Since April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, it is a perfect time to talk about one form of sexual assault that gets ignored by bra-burning feminists: woman-on-wiener violence. I’m not one of those self-hating girls who thinks men get the short end...


Future Sex: Should Sex Offenders Be Chemically Castrated?

There’s been an unexpected spike in castration-related news this week. I suppose that _any_ news would constitute a spike, but still, there’s an unprecedented two breaking news stories involving chemical castration. In South Korea, following the...