Scene Reports

In Havana, Heavy Metal Is a Struggle

Despite a lack of resources and endless bureaucratic red tape, the Cuban extreme metal scene is flourishing.
Joe Henley
New music

Yo Gotti Pays Tribute to the Cuban Revolution and John Woo Films on "Castro"

Featuring pretty good rappers Quavo, Big Sean, and 2 Chainz along with some guy named West who does stuff.
Phil Witmer

Black Radicalism in the Age of Castro

In our new Donald Trump reality, black radicals will not react as they did in the 1960s and 70s, when Fidel Castro welcomed some fugitives to his shores.
Ron Howell
Vice Blog

All the Weird Stuff You Probably Didn't Know About Fidel Castro

A look back at the life of a man who avoided hundreds of assassinations, economically ran his country into the ground and loved the Manic Street Preachers.
Gavin Haynes

We Asked Some Cubans How They Think Their Lives Will Change If the American Embargo Ends

With an ease of travels restrictions, changes are afoot in Cuba. But what do the locals think about it all?
David Garber

Wi-Fi Cards, DIY Parties, and Food Rations: I Went to Cuba's First Major Electronic Music Festival

MANANA came to Santiago De Cuba and achieved the impossible in a place where it’s impossible to get shit done.
David Garber
san francisco

Why San Francisco's Gay Bars Need to Keep Evolving

When I was younger and coming out, I didn’t get the sense of community in the gay bar scene here, so I made sure to become part of the community when opening my bar, LOOKOUT.
Chris Hastings

A New Book Analyzes the Poetry of History’s Most Evil People

Apparently iron fists and tender souls aren't mutually exclusive.
Wout van Gils
Modern Medicine

HIV Under Castro

A look at the country’s highly successful and ethically complicated relationship with the virus.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Family of the CIA Operative Released in US-Cuba Prisoner Swap Has No Idea Where He Is

Rolando Sarraff Trujillo, a Cuban citizen, spent 20 years in jail for providing intelligence to the CIA. His ordeal was a last vestige of the Cold War between the US and Cuba.
Alice Speri

Cuba's Young, Salsa-Dancing Male Hustlers Are Going to Be Seducing a Lot More Rich Americans

Now that the US and Cuba are friends again, Havana's "jineteros" are going to be hip-deep in American women.
Kevin EG Perry

Cuban Cockfights Are Bloody and Violent and Stinky

We found our seats among the rusted steal poles that wrapped around the arena. Then we sat back hoping to cash in as two cocks ferociously clawed each other to death. If we won, we’d earn roughly 20 cents—a fair day’s wage for a country with an average...
Alex Pena