These Bronze Age Humans Were History's Biggest Weed Dealers

The finest dank the Caucasus had to offer.
Sarah Emerson
Islamic State

Islamic State Affiliate Blamed for Attack on Tourists in Southern Russia

Russian authorities say three gunmen who killed one sightseer and wounded 11 others in Dagestan belonged to a militant group that has pledged allegiance to IS.
John Dyer
war and conflict

The Bad Blood Between Russia and Turkey Is Spreading to Armenia and Azerbaijan

The rising tension between Turkey and Russia has raised fears of a proxy war in the Caucasus between the two tiny former Soviet republics.
John Dyer

Chechen Strongman Calls Islamic State Governorate in Caucasus a 'Bluff'

Analysts suggest that the Islamic State could fill a power void in the region's simmering insurgency and eventually help fund and organize attacks on Moscow and other cities around Russia.
Alec Luhn

Blame Game Begins as Caucasus Men Are Charged with Boris Nemtsov's Murder

The arrest of two Chechens has given rise to a theory that they had acted out of anger over Nemtsov's support of 'Charlie Hebdo,' though it has also raised the possibility that Ramzan Kadyrov could be connected to the murder.
Alec Luhn

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen Leader With a $5M Islamic State Bounty on his Head

As fighters from the Caucasus flock to IS, Putin's man in Grozny will do anything to stop the rekindling of an Islamist insurgency in his fiefdom — even turn off the internet.
Alec Luhn

Yes, There Are Chechen Fighters in Ukraine, and Nobody Knows Who Sent Them There

Chechnya's president denied sending armed men to fight in Ukraine — but they are there anyway.
Alice Speri

Islamic Separatists and Emoticons: The Fatwa

Jurists with the Vilayat Dagestan jihadist insurgency in the North Caucasus region have determined the theological standing of emoticons.
defense & security

How Much Anti-Terrorism Security Did $2 Billion Buy Sochi?

Vladimir Putin guaranteed the Sochi Olympics would be safe from terrorism, and he's gone to great lengths to make good on his promise.
Ryan Faith

Terrorism Is Still a Very Real Threat in Sochi

The hastily done, poorly executed construction projects in Sochi could have given regional terrorists the perfect cover to plan and set up an attack at the Olympics.
Ryan Faith
defense & security

Terrorism Is Still A Very Real Threat In Sochi

The hastily done construction projects in Sochi could have given terrorists the perfect cover to set up an attack at the Olympics.
Ryan Faith
Opinion and Analysis

Why the Hell Are the Olympics Being Held in Sochi, Anyway?

Vladimir Putin has…complicated reasons for hosting the Winter Olympics in a subtropical beach town located near an ongoing insurgency.
Ryan Faith