CBA Upstarts Could Poach Stephon Marbury, and Fans, from Beijing Ducks

The Beijing Ducks released their iconic star after last season. Now he could wind up with their runty brother, the crosstown Beijing Beikong Fly Dragons.


The New CBA Is Already Changing the NBA

With the salary cap set to rise at a slower rate than maximum raises for the first time in a while, max deals might be no country for old men.


The NBA Looks to India, Basketball's New 'Wild West'

"If the NBA were able to get basketball off the ground in India, I would be willing to kiss Adam Silver’s feet," one international sports agent says. "It’s going to be really hard."


Why It's Hard for Beijing to Say Goodbye to Stephon Marbury

Marbury had hinted that this season in China might be his last, but now it seems the former NBA All-Star wants to stay. The Beijing Ducks have a difficult decision to make.


Man Wins Turkish Dunk Contest By Launching Over a Five-Pack of Dudes

Tyler Honeycutt's human obstacles came in looking like a bunch of pros.


Donatas Motiejunas Not Reporting to Rockets Because of $6 Million Difference in Contract

The weird Donatas Motiejunas-Houston Rockets saga continues.


Three Players Named in Al Jazeera Report Agree to Meet with NFL

Three of the four players the NFL demanded interviews with agreed to show up, out of fear of a suspension.


If the MLBPA Goes Public with CBA Negotiations, They Lose

Recent protestations by Gerrit Cole, Jacob deGrom, and other young players over their salaries smell like an effort by the players' union to elevate the issue of pre-arbitration salaries ahead of those talks. That might not work.


Why the NCAA May End Up Embracing College Athlete Unions

The NCAA celebrated last week's NLRB punt on Northwestern football players' unionization push, but if college athletes are ever recognized as employees, the association likely will reconsider.


Basketball’s Gender Wage Gap Is Even Worse Than You Think

While NBA players are paid about 50 percent of league revenue, WNBA players appear to earn 33 percent.


Can China's "Big Devil" Become the Next Yao Ming?

Zhou Qi has the size and skill to play in the NBA, and a pro track record to back it up. But he'll need to survive China's backwards basketball environment first.


How the System Screws Kris Bryant and Other MLB Rookies

The Cubs aren't calling up baseball's best prospect yet because baseball's collective bargaining agreement says it's smarter not to.