The 'Punk' CBGB-Themed Target Is Peak Late Capitalism

Corporations jumping on culture for profit is obviously an old story, but this time it happened less than two blocks from where I grew up.
Eve Peyser
Please Kill Me

The Time Patti Smith Broke My Heart

The legendary <i>Punk</i> magazine editor Legs McNeil talks about the time he tried to interview his friend Patti Smith for the classic book <i>Please Kill Me</i>.
Legs McNeil

A Friendly Photographic Reminder That CBGB Is Now a Boutique Outlet

"I speak 3 languages. English. Spanish. And Motherfucker," says former Katy's Candy Store owner Katy Keyzer. Her shop closed in 2007, the year after CBGB.
Beckett Mufson

Punk's Not Fed: I Ate at the CBGB Newark Airport Restaurant and It Sucked

It's no New York, but Newark's alright (if you like eating at punk nostalgia traps before you fly).
Eugenia Williamson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

CBGB Is Being Reborn as a Newark Airport Restaurant, for Some Reason

It will be a great spot to get seared togarashi tuna with wakame seaweed salad for $16 during a layover.
River Donaghey

Talking 1970s New York, Boring Politicians, and Pussy Riot with Richard Hell

We caught up with the legendary punk rocker turned memoirist and art critic to talk about his new book, 'Massive Pissed Love.'
Lincoln Michel

Sinatra's New York, Immortalized as Miniatures

Talking "Old New York" with artist Randy Hage, who makes miniatures of CBGB, Katz's Delicatessen, and more iconic locales.
Beckett Mufson
Glenn O'Brien's TV Party

Blondie Makes an Appearance on 'TV Party'

In this episode, Blondie swings by the legendary NYC public access show.
Glenn O’Brien

Remembering the Rat, the Famously Violent Boston Punk Club That's Now a Luxury Hotel Suite

How can a hotel room capture the essence of Boston&#39;s legendary shithole? And why would anyone want to?
John Liam Policastro

It's a Godlis World: Early Photos of Punk Rock After Dark

There were six or seven photographers present at the birth of punk, but there will only ever be one Godlis. That's right—I shit you not—we're talking about a punk photographer whose surname is actually Godlis.
Matthew Leifheit
The Profiles Issue

Why Cinema of Transgression Director Nick Zedd Stayed Underground

It was a freezing Saturday night in 2004, and Nick Zedd was pushing a shopping cart full of film reels to a cheesy Bulgarian-themed nightclub on the Lower East Side where he projected movies once a week.
Avi Davis

Komplaint Dept. - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's Anna Wintour

"Pink is punk" reveals that the New York fashion industry and its sometime institutional handmaiden, the Costume Institute at the Met, its curators and the tacit captain of both ships, Anna Wintour, wouldn't know what punk is or was if it bit them on...
Bob Nickas