Scenes of Daily Life for the Inmates Fighting California's Wildfires

When they're not fighting the historic blazes, California prisoners are working on their GEDs, playing cards, and lifting weights.


In the Face of Drought, California Prisons Are Restricting Inmates' Shower and Toilet Use

As part of drought controls imposed across California, inmates in the state's overcrowded prison system—some of whom depend on showers to wash their clothes—are feeling the difference.


California Wants to Reduce Prison Overcrowding, Yet Keeps Women Locked Up

In 2011, California introduced a program that gives low-level female prisoners a way to go home and care for their families, with the added benefit of reduced overcrowding in penitentiaries. The problem: few eligible inmates are permitted to take...


How California's Prisons Are Making It Harder for Inmates to Organize and Protest

A whole bunch of prison newsletters are about to be declared "obscene" and banned.