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A Writer With Celiac Tried to 'Disappear,' Was Tracked Via Gluten-Free Pizza

Revisiting a journalist's stunt disappearance that ended because of a pizza order—and doled out a $5,000 reward.
Bettina Makalintal
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13 Gluten-Free Desserts that Actually Taste Good

Guess what? Not all gluten-free desserts taste like soggy cardboard.
Munchies Staff
Case Report

A Common Food Brought on This Woman’s Psychosis

“She did not conform to any known psychiatric illness.”
Shayla Love
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Party City Pulls Ad That Calls Gluten-Free People 'Gross'

The retailer has since apologized for a commercial some perceived to be "insensitive."
Mayukh Sen

How-To: Make Gluten-Free Onion Rings with Chris Kronner

Chris Kronner of San Francisco's Kronnerburger updates a classic deep-fried recipe with his gluten-free onion rings.
Chris Kronner
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Restaurants Can Be Hell for People with Food Allergies

Everyone should be able to order without getting shade from a server or spending a night in the ER.
Oset Babur
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More Evidence That You Should Be Eating Gluten

Unless you have celiac.
Susan Rinkunas
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Want Gluten-Free Food? You’ll Need a Doctor’s Note at this Restaurant

The new policy came into effect after a customer asked for gluten-free pancakes but was not able to back up her request with a medical justification.
Nick Rose

Study Suggests that Your Birthday and Hometown Can Affect Your Risk of Being Celiac

A Swedish study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that the season during which you were born—and where your hometown falls on a map—can influence your risk of being celiac.
Wyatt Marshall

The Cure for Gluten Intolerance Could Live Inside These Bug-Eating Plants

These carnivorous plants melt bugs with natural enzymes that could be harnessed to break down gluten.
Kaleigh Rogers

A New Study Suggests That Your 'Gluten Sensitivity' May Be More Than a Trendy, Made-Up Illness

Gluten-free is back, baby!
VICE Staff

Science Now Shows Why Wheat Really Does Make a Lot of People Feel Like Crap

A new study published in the journal 'Gut' (great name) found a biological explanation for why some people may experience discomfort when eating foods containing wheat, rye, or barley, a condition that until now has baffled researchers.
Wyatt Marshall