The Millennials Embracing a Life Without Sex

I'm a 29-year-old man who's voluntarily accepted celibacy. Hearing from other people who've made the same choice, what else unites us?
Jack Valentine
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This Justin Bieber Interview Sure Is Something

Buckle up, the 24-year-old pop icon and his new wife Hailey Baldwin to talk about religion, marriage, and celibacy in a pretty ridiculous 'Vogue' profile.
Josh Terry

How Reddit Is Teaching Young Men to Hate Women

Reddit's "involuntary celibate" group was taken down earlier this month after its anti-woman debate turned violent. But the problem is much larger than one subreddit.
Aditi Natasha Kini

What Swearing Off Sex Does to Your Brain

Some people claim abstaining from orgasm can enhance productivity, creativity, and peace of mind. Do any doctors agree?
Hanson O'Haver

Fuck Sex

It's a waste of time that takes up too much mental space. Life is better without it.
Jay Stephens
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Bishops in the Vatican Finally Admit They Know Nothing About Sex

Because, you know, they don't have it.
Michael Cuby

More and More Young British Women Are Becoming Nuns

Statistics from the Catholic Church in England and Wales reveal that the number of women entering convent life has hit a 25-year high. I talked to one aspiring nun in her 20s to find out why.
Kat Lister

James Deen, Life Coach: I Asked Porn’s Biggest Male Star to Help Solve My Dry Spell

I got some tips from the famously charismatic and cool porn actor about what to do when you don't want to do anyone and no one wants to do you.
Elianna Lev

How to Survive a Sexual Dry Spell Without Lowering Your Standards

In search of guidance (and sex), I spoke to a military wife, the hottest woman I know, and a Buddhist monk.
Elianna Lev

Why Aren’t the Japanese Fucking?

Half the people surveyed by the Japanese Family Planning Association said they hadn't gone to the bone zone in the past month. Some guys claimed that they didn't even masturbate anymore. What's going on?
Mark Hay

This Tinder Addict Is Also a Virgin

She started out using the ubiquitous hook-up and dating app to fuck with people for comedy's sake. Then she started actually meeting guys for brief, chaste flings. Now she'd like to tear herself away, but she fears a relapse.
Justin Caffier
World Cup

We Spoke to the Italian Porn Star Who Has Given Up Sex for the World Cup

"What orgasm could be better than that?" A discussion with an Italian porn star who is staying celibate during the World Cup.
Shawn Binder