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Someone Hacked My T-Mobile Account and T-Mobile Won’t Talk About It

Cell phone carriers still have a long way to go before making your accounts truly secure.


Vitaminwater Will Give You $100K to Ditch Your Smart Phone for a Year

You will be provided a “1996-era cellular telephone."


Cops need a warrant to search your cell phone's location history, Supreme Court rules

The decision sets a strong — but narrow — legal limit on how much of your digital data the government can access.


Photos of How a Relationship Plays Out on Cellphones

Photographer Res was surprised when their phone began playing a large part in their relationship. They document the process here.


"You’re all going to die": Parkland shooter’s chilling cell phone videos may clinch his death sentence

He planned to Uber to his former school, unload his guns, and start shooting.


AT&T just fired the guy who hired Michael Cohen

"There is no other way to say it — AT&T hiring Michael Cohen as a political consultant was a big mistake."


Canada’s New National Alert System Failed Spectacularly During Its First Test

Alerts didn’t make it to mobile devices in Quebec and Ontario.


Police shot Stephon Clark in the back 7 times, independent autopsy reveals

Clark’s family hired their own medical examiner to perform a second autopsy after expressing skepticism over the conclusions drawn by the county.


Sacramento police can't explain why officers muted their body cameras after killing unarmed black man

Stephon Clark was in his grandmother’s backyard on March 18 when two Sacramento police officers shot at him 20 times.


Police muted their body cameras after shooting and killing unarmed black man in Sacramento

Police thought he had a gun. But he was only carrying a cell phone.


Police can’t keep their story straight about the unarmed black man they shot and killed in Sacramento

Police thought he had a gun. Then they said he had a toolbar. But he was only carrying a cell phone.


The Supreme Court might make it easier for cops to tap your cell phone

Cops might be able to turn to any judge, even ones known to grant overbroad requests, for a wiretap.