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Photos of How a Relationship Plays Out on Cellphones

Photographer Res was surprised when their phone began playing a large part in their relationship. They document the process here.

An Artist Designed the Perfect Seats for Comfortably Checking Your Phone

The loungers are ergonomically designed for optimal browsing, scrolling, and 'gramming.
Andrew Nunes
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A Guy Texted a Number on a Bathroom Wall and Found True Love

Apparently this is what happens when you text one of those "for a good time, call..." numbers written on a stall.
Spencer Fox
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Soon New Jersey Drivers Could Get Fined for Eating While Driving

A new bill could land distracted drivers in New Jersey with a $200 fine for drinking coffee, using a cellphone, or eating a snack behind the wheel.
VICE Staff

The Secret World of Tiny Phones That Go Inside Your Butt

Available from Amazon and popular in prison, these phones carry reviews like: "No anal problems!!! Didn't hurt my bum at all thanks guys :)"
Peter Robinson

Why My Flip Phone Is Better Than Your Smartphone

For starters, Facebook notifications are a lot more thrilling when you actually have to sit down at a computer.
Jordan Foisy

I Did Everything Siri Told Me to for 24 Hours

As I vomited broccoli into a toilet at 5 AM, I could only think one thing: This was Siri's fault.
Allison Tierney

This Journalist Is Helping Isolated Communities Share Their Stories Using Cell Phones

Libby is the founder of On Our Radar, a platform that allows citizen journalists in isolated communities around the world to share their experiences, using nothing more powerful than a text.
Mark Wilding
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The NYPD Wants You to Stop Sleeping with Your Phone Under Your Pillow

The NYPD tweeted out a PSA showing terrifying photos of burned bedsheets left by a phone that overheated and exploded.
Gabriella Lewis
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Can Dave Chappelle Save Dance Music From Cell Phones?

The comedian has partnered with YONDR to create phone-free zones in venues.
Joshua Glazer
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New Emojis Coming to iOS 9.1 Will Finally Allow People to Tell Squirrels to Go Fuck Themselves

The slow transition from text-based language to pictograms took another step, hooray!
Carlton Férment
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This Man Hid Under a Stranger's Bed for Three Days to Charge His Cell Phones

After breaking and entering into a stranger's home, this man hid under a bed for three days and charged all four of his cell phones.
Michael Cuby