Cellphone Location Data


AT&T Says Customers Can’t Sue the Company for Selling Location Data to Bounty Hunters

Due to the contract fine print, AT&T says customers must instead deal with the company privately rather than in court.


EFF Hits AT&T With Class Action Lawsuit for Selling Customers’ Location to Bounty Hunters

The lawsuit, which comes after multiple Motherboard investigations into phone location data selling, is seeking an injunction against AT&T which would try to enforce the deletion of any sold data.


Company Advertised American, Canadian, Indian Phone Location Data for Sale

TeleSign’s advertisement highlights how the sale of phone location data is not restricted just to the United States.


FCC Commissioner Demands Answers from AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon on Phone Location Data

The demands are the latest move to pressure telecom companies, who said they would stop the sale of location data to third parties after Motherboard’s coverage.


After Telcos Shut Off Bounty Hunters, Scammers Sell Fake 'Phone Pings'

After Motherboard’s investigation led to telcos stopping their sale of phone location data, apparent scammers are exploiting a void in the private investigator industry.


Supreme Court Says Cops Need to Get a Warrant to Get Your Phone Location Data

In a much-anticipated decision, the Supreme Court changed the course of history, siding with privacy activists and giving Americans stronger privacy protections in the digital age.