5G Wireless Rekindles Decades-Old Fight Over Cellular Health Risks

A California city has recently banned 5G cellular towers over health risks. But many say the science is shaky and the threat overhyped.


T-Mobile Alerted ‘A Few Hundred Customers’ Targeted By Hackers

T-Mobile has called customers targeted by hackers who were trying to take control of their SIM cards, alerting them of the hack attempts, and suggesting ways to secure their accounts.


There’s ‘No Excuse’ for the T-Mobile Bug That Helped Hackers Steal Accounts

Bugs happen to everyone, but the company failed to monitor for simple signs of abuse.


T-Mobile Website Allowed Hackers to Access Your Account Data With Just Your Phone Number

The bug exposed customers’ email addresses, their billing account numbers, and the phone’s IMSI numbers. T-Mobile has patched the bug.


US Copyright Office Recommends Permanent Ability to Unlock Cellphones

We shouldn’t have to retread the same ground every three years.


This Company Has Sold £1 Million Worth of Cellphone-Spying Devices to UK Police

Cellxion has established itself as a leader in the UK IMSI catcher trade.


Trump’s Personal Phone Is a National Security Risk

Trump might be using a totally easy to hack phone, according to security researchers.


Edmonton Police Admit to Owning Stingray Surveillance Device

This is the first time local police have copped to owning the devices.


Classically-Styled Paintings Reveal Our Smartphone Obsessions

By taking away our phones, Erin Pollock exposes what we look like as internet-obsessed zombies.


A New Study Links Cell Phone Radiation to Cancer in Rats. Now What?

What does this mean for the world’s 6.9 billion mobile phone users?


Brazilians Kicked Off WhatsApp Again After Judge Orders Another Blackout

The order to block the service for three days comes five months after another judge ordered a similar block, though that was lifted after 12 hours.


Man’s Phone Stopped Shrapnel During Paris Attack Yesterday

“Otherwise my head would have been blown to bits,” he said.