points mean prizes

Looking Back on Soccer’s Greatest Ever Points Deductions

From the Calciopoli scandal to Portsmouth and Rangers, points deductions usually come with a frisson of anxiety and horror. Here we remember some of the best, and what happened to the teams involved.
Will Magee
scottish politics

How Scottish Soccer Fans Became the National Party's Most Effective Opposition

Primarily aimed at stamping out sectarianism, the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act (OFBA) ranks among the SNP's most divisive pieces of legislation. Questions are now being asked about whether the act should be scrapped altogether.
Graham Ruthven
the black arrow

Remembering Gil Heron, The First Black Footballer To Play For Celtic

Nicknamed ‘The Black Arrow’ by his fans, Heron made a significant cultural impression on Scotland. That has been somewhat overshadowed by the exploits of his son, Gil Scott.
Will Magee

Immersive Scottish Theater Teleports People to Hell

'The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart' combines Celtic folklore and Kylie Minogue.
Kara Weisenstein

Why Apple Bobbing Is Actually a Female Fertility Ritual

Apple-bobbing is more than just a watery Halloween game. Throughout history, it has been the dominion of witches, sex, love, and women—an act of enchantment rather than simple pomaceous fondling.
Nell Frizzell
good fans

Five-Year-Old Celtic Fan Calls Team to Ask for Forgiveness After Missing Home Game

He goes to every game but he had to skip the most recent one because it was his friend's birthday.
Mike Vorkunov
politics in scottish football

Celtic Soccer Fans Have Shown Two Very Different Sorts Of ‘Solidarity’ With Palestine

On the one hand, the display of Palestinian flags at Celtic Park has done little quantifiable good. Thankfully, the same cannot be said of the fundraising effort that has followed.
Will Magee
eat that! and another!

Griffiths, Gayle and Arda Turan: Goals of the Week

Goals are football's most crucial ingredient, without which the sport would lose all flavour. Without further ado, let us behold the best goals of the past week and revel in their absolute deliciousness.
UK Sports Staff
international champions cup

Leicester Wins on PKs After Trading Spectacular Goals with Celtic

This may be a set of friendlies, but man, do they look good.
Liam Daniel Pierce
the lincoln red imps have great character

Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic Reign Gets Off To A Highly Appropriate Start

If you can’t handle Rodgers’ excuses when you lose to the Lincoln Red Imps, Celtic fans, then how are you going to cope when you lose games that actually matter?
Will Magee

Inside the Welsh Distillery Taking on the Irish and Scottish Whisky Dons

Ireland may have Jameson and Scots their Scotch, but Penderyn Distillery is making a name for Welsh whisky. “The Scots do a double distillation, the Irish distil three times, but we only distil once,” says Penderyn’s Jon Tregenna.
Johanna Derry
policing football

The Criminalization of Scottish Soccer Fans

The proposed introduction of facial recognition technology has met with anger among Scottish football supporters, who see it as a further step towards criminalising the fans.
Graham Ruthven