'Into the Veil,' Today's Comic by Leslie Stein

While wandering around on Halloween, Leslie makes a new friend who invites her to the cemetery for a concert.
Leslie Stein
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Some Teens Got Lost in the Paris Catacombs for Days

Search parties eventually found them in the pitch-black tunnels amid the ancient skulls and bones.
River Donaghey
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Cops Found Roughly 100 Damaged Gravestones at Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery

The vandalism comes a week after police made a similar discovery at a Jewish cemetery in Missouri and Jewish community centers around the country reported receiving bomb threats.
Lauren Messman

James Turrell Illuminates a Memorial Chapel in a Berlin Cemetery

The prolific light artist designed a light program which capitalizes on the city's stunning sunsets.
Alyssa Buffenstein

The Greeks Who Picnic on the Graves of Their Loved Ones

On the first Sunday after Easter, the living gather at the cemetery in the village of Rizana for a traditional lunch with the dead.
Kostas Koukoumakas, Photos: Alexandros Avramidis

Two Decades in Brooklyn by Hiroyuki Ito

Hiroyuki Ito captures everything from Koko the Killer Clown at Coney Island to anonymous morning commuters on the Q train in his new photobook, 'Brooklyn.'
Hiroyuki Ito

The Punk Animals Visit a Cemetery in This Week's 'Habits' Comic

Clementine and Kyle head to the cemetery with Doug on the anniversary of his dad's death.
Lauren Monger

The Philippines' Cemetery Slums

VICE Japan visited a massive slum on the outskirts of Manila where an estimated 6,000 people currently live and work amid graves and human bones.
VICE Staff
Post Mortem

Gravestones from the Past Were Way Cooler Than They Are Today

Headstones today are as boring and lifeless as the bodies that lie beneath. But in the past, headstones were a way to show the person's personality with quotes, miniature sculptures, and elaborate artwork.
Simon Davis

Photos of Christmas Decorations in Depressing Places

Whether it's at the DMV, a cemetery, or a building where children go to be treated for cancer, everyone seems keen to spread a little festive cheer.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

I Ate Cake in a German Cemetery Café

I recently heard about Berlin's Café Strauss because it allows one to enjoy coffee and cake in an unexpectedly peaceful place: the cemetery. Drinking coffee among dead people is a new experience around here. They even host birthday parties (for the...
Jasmina Knezovic
The Harvester of Sorrow Issue

Living, Dead

10,000 Filipino families live in this massive graveyard in Manila. I recently spent five days walking among its residents taking photos and hearing stories of struggle and survival.