Central African Republic


Inside the brutal fight that’s left the Central African Republic in chaos

"They say we have to win the fighting and kill a lot of enemies," said one rebel fighter recruited as a 10-year-old. "Whoever refuses to fight is killed."


Watch the trailer for VICE on HBO's episode “No Choice But To Choose & Rebel Republic”

The team explores what's really behind the charter school movement and then takes a look at the unfolding crisis in the Central African Republic.


U.N.-funded peacekeepers in CAR are accused of murder and rape

“They tied my hands behind my back and shot me.”


Families are marrying their kids off to save them from sexual violence in the CAR

“I really wanted to be a teacher… I really wish I could go back to school.”


Saving a Pristine Wilderness from Militarized Poachers and a Humanitarian Crisis

Chinko, in the Central African Republic, "portrays hope in a situation where everything is stacked up to be doom and gloom. We are not allowing Eden to be lost. We are in the process of bringing Eden back."


Inside the brutal war that's ripping apart the Central African Republic

Over half a million Central Africans are internally displaced, and in the last six months, over 60,000 new refugees have fled across the river that divides CAR and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The VICE News Guide to the World - Week of August 7

Modern slavery in Britain is not only “far more prevalent than previously thought,” but also continuously expanding.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump asked Comey to drop Flynn investigation, poll finds almost half of US voters want president impeached, feds subpoena Paul Manafort, and more.


The Man Who Spent 30 Years in the Rainforest Preserving the Music of the Bayaka

Louis Sarno went to record the music of the Central African Republic's Bayaka community in the 80s and never turned back.


French Peacekeepers Allegedly Tied Up Girls and Forced Them Into Bestiality

The UN is investigating more than 90 cases of peacekeeper sexual abuse in the Central African Republic, including an incident in which a French military commander had four girls tied up and forced them to have sex with a dog.