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While No One Is Looking, Trump Is Escalating America’s Drone War

In expanding US drone strikes in Yemen, Somalia, and Afghanistan, Trump has "shredded" Obama-era safeguards to minimizing the risk of civilian casualties.
David Axe
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Gina Haspel’s "moral compass" apparently doesn’t extend to condemning CIA torture

"I’m not gonna sit here, with the benefit of hindsight, and judge the very good people who made hard decisions who were running the agency," Haspel said.
Alex Lubben

CIA chief corrected by his own agency after “parroting” Trump

The CIA swiftly issued a clarification statement, noting the agency’s assessment of Russian election meddling “has not changed, and the director did not intend to suggest that it had.”
David Gilbert

The CIA's torture masterminds finally have to pay their victims

Keegan Hamilton

The CIA Created a Hotbox That Can't Get You High

In the 1970s, America's top intelligence agency created super skunky fake weed and burned it as part of a drug abuse program that toured the country.
Michael Best

Outgoing CIA chief rips into Donald Trump

Tess Owen
2016 US election

Trump is getting his first top secret intelligence briefing

The Republican nominee will likely be briefed at FBI headquarters in New York by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
Benjamin Gilbert
2016 US election

Clinton and Trump's intelligence briefings aren't anything to worry about

The candidates are about to get classified briefings from the US spy agencies. But neither one is going to learn any major state secrets from them.
Benjamin Gilbert

How the US can retaliate if Kremlin hackers tried to influence the presidential election

US intelligence and private cybersecurity firms say Russia almost certainly hacked the Democratic National Committee and leaked documents, and now the question is whether the US government is going to do something about it.
Benjamin Gilbert
the vice interview

The Rock Believes in Aliens

He also tells us the most excruciating, detailed injury story you'll ever read.
Joel Golby
defense & security

A Senate committee wants to crack down on spy agencies' cozy relationship with Hollywood

An amendment added to the annual intelligence-spending bill calls for more accountability when the Intelligence Community works with the entertainment industry.
Jason Leopold

America's 'war on terror' gains a new ally: tiny Senegal

On May 2, the government of the small African country signed a Defense Cooperation Agreement with the United States, the first such pact in a decade with an African nation.
William M. Arkin