Central Park Five

Central Park Five

Yes, Trump Actually Just Tried to "Both Sides" the Central Park 5

He wouldn't apologize for running full-page ads in several New York newspapers calling for the teens' execution
Tess Owen

Oprah's 'When They See Us Now' Special Shows the Scars the Series Didn't Heal

The exonerated men, formerly known as the Central Park Five, still struggle with trauma as they fight for systemic change.
Taylor Hosking
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Ava DuVernay's Central Park Five Series 'When They See Us' Is Going to Be a Gut-Punch for Trump

Trump famously railed against the wrongfully convicted teens. Now DuVernay is going to tell their story.
Taylor Hosking
Last Chance High

These Powerful Movies Expose America's Broken Criminal Justice System

Some essential on-screen examples that show, rather than just tell, audiences what isn't working.
Nia Decaille
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Ava DuVernay Is Creating a Central Park Five Series for Netflix

The filmmaker plans to explore each step the criminal justice system took before the five Harlem teens were exonerated in 2014 for a crime they didn't commit.
Lauren Messman

Donald Trump's Anti-American Contempt for the Law

When Donald Trump says that he thinks the Central Park Five, wrongfully convicted of rape as teenagers, are guilty despite the evidence, he reveals himself as someone with no respect for the system he wants to run.
Harry Cheadle
Criminal Justice

Live From the American Justice Summit

We're live from the American Justice Summit, an event exploring the personal, social, and financial inequities of America's prison system — and ways to remedy them.
Criminal Justice

Why Are There Up to 120,000 Innocent People in US Prisons?

In a criminal justice system many say is broken, false confessions and plea bargains spurred by oppressive sentencing laws have put thousands of innocent people behind bars.
Justin Rohrlich

Ken Burns Weighs In on Ferguson and Facebook Activism

If you ever went to this thing called school, chances are you’ve watched a Ken Burns film or three. You might think that you no longer have to sit through that kind of thing, but you probably should.
Jonathan Peltz

25 Years Later, The Central Park Five Are Finally Getting Paid

In 1989, NYC put 5 black and Hispanic boys in jail for a brutal rape they did not commit. Now, it's time for $40 million worth of sweet justice.
Matt Taylor