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Women Aren’t Being Warned About the Sexual Side Effects of The LEEP Procedure

In some, this standard treatment for an abnormal Pap smear has devastating results.


Sperm Robots Are Being Tested to Treat Cervical Cancer

The swimmers seem to be a good drug delivery system.


There's a Herpes Vaccine in Your Future

Plus other new developments from the world of STD research.


'I'm Pro-My Life': The Cancer Patients Who Depend on Planned Parenthood

Almost 13,000 new cases of invasive cervical cancer will be diagnosed this year. What happens to those patients who rely on Planned Parenthood if the organization is defunded?


A New Study Suggests Cannabis Could Treat Cervical Cancer

Cannabis acted on the cancerous cells through apoptosis, a process of cell death.


As Western Lifestyles Are Spreading to Poorer Countries, So Is Cancer

A major new study has found that while cancer rates are plateauing or decreasing in high-income countries, in the developing world they are increasing as lifestyles become more westernized.


Watch a Web-Exclusive Clip from Our Doc 'Countdown to Zero' About the Link Between HIV and Cervical Cancer

We sit down with former president George W. Bush, whose Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon alliance is dedicated to bringing women in Africa cancer treatment and preventative care.